Getting added value from multi-market research

By Richard Smith

Multi-market research can be complex, require a lot of planning and budget. So it's only natural that you want to get the most value out of the international research you do. In our webinar, which aired on 14th February, we focused on the strategic value research clients can gain if they consider some of the bigger issues from the outset. This was illustrated with video interviews from BDRC directors around the globe, who spoke about some of the challenges and how we are overcoming them.

Here's a snippet from our very own Matthew Petrie, MD of BDRC Americas.

Here's a snippet from Siew Wong, MD of BDRC China.

Here's a snippet from our very own Richard Stevenson, Director at BDRC Australia.

The 30 minute webinar teaches

  • Why some widely used approaches are not advisable
  • Which areas of difference are important and which are trivial
  • The value of innovation and lateral thinking
  • How the right approach can help you to formulate marketing strategy

View the webinar recording on demand (fill in your details to get an automatic email with the link).