Business Opinion Omnibus

Your quarterly hotline to senior decision-makers
The Business Opinion Omnibus is an easily accessible way of learning about what businesses think and feel, what they are doing and planning to do.

BDRC's omnibus is an efficient way to survey a validated sample of senior financial decision-makers without compromising on quality.  Unlike other survey providers, who speak to tired and overused panels, our respondents are recruited fresh each wave meaning you can trust the results you receive. We speak to business owners and senior financial decision-makers, meaning you only hear from the people who matter.

The omnibus allows you to place one-off questions, or choose to track a topic over time. Our fieldwork is conducted quarterly, fieldwork takes two weeks and data is available soon after.

Regular clients include PR agencies, high street banks, telecoms providers and public sector organisations, which turn to the Business Opinion Omnibus for high quality insight that they can depend upon.

How it works:
Every quarter, 500 senior financial business decision makers are surveyed by telephone and clients pay on a per question basis.

Costs start at just £675 per question, including the full support of our Omnibus team to ensure client objectives are met in the most effective way. Unlike many other omnibus services, we don't charge an entry fee or stipulate a minimum number of questions.

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